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  • Las Vegas, 5275 S Arville St Suite 316
    Moonstone has been long known to provide psychic powers to the person wearing it or carrying it and making them wiser. Several religions and cultures believe that moonstone is the harbinger of good luck in the life of the wearer. It can transform one...
    3 days, 19 hours
    39 $
  • Los Angeles
    The word "camouflage" originated from the Parisian slang term "camoufler" meaning " to disguise". During World War I the French Army began employing artists to paint their artillery and observation posts with the surrounding environment . Like all te...
  • Los Angeles
    Damascus steel, the legendary material used by numerous warriors of the past, including the Crusaders. Its formula had been lost for generations. Damascus steel was derived from blocks of ''wootz,'' a form of steel produced in India. The wootz has un...
  • New York, US, Grown Diamond Corporation USA 1180 Avenue of Am
    Grown Diamond Corporation provides certified lab created diamonds which is also known as aka man made diamonds. You can buy lab created diamond at Grown Diamond Corporation in your best price which is ranging in an affordable budget. It is the one an...
    2 months, 1 week
  • Los Angeles
    SadiesJ strives to provide premium quality jewelry at affordable prices. SadiesJ is a locally owned and operated family business in the Los Angeles area catering to local neighborhoods like Lincoln Heights, Boyle Heights, Chinatown, Downtown LA and t...
    15 $
  • Indianapolis, Indianapolis, Indianapolis
    Manufacturer Supplier of Sterling Silver Gemstone Rings from India. We use Genuine Gemstones like Garnet, Amethyst, Blue Topaz, Ruby, and Emerald. More Info: Sterling Silver Rings Corporate Office: Rana Silver & Arts 1st Floor, Kishore Niwas, Opp...
    10 $
  • New Castle, Shabazi 1, Tel Aviv, Israel Phone: 6466876933, E
    Our diadems are like a halo with a center chain that rests along the partition down the middle of the head. Wear with loose hair parted in the middle for a bohemian inspired bridal look. For a different look, break the partition, or wear with adoreme...
    8 months, 3 weeks
    310 $
  • Huntington, 876 Park Ave, Huntington, New York, 11743, USA
    Buy beautiful African bead and stone necklaces online at very fair prices. African women complement their natural beauty with colorful decorative beads. This matched set of multi-colored round stone beads is a modern version of an ancient tradition. ...
    8 months, 4 weeks
  • Scotland, Silver & Yellow Daisy Flower Bracelet Online
    Silver & Yellow Daisy Flower Bracelet Online Buy Daisy Jewellery including daisy Flower Bracelets and necklaces online at Lowest prices and fastest shipping service available…!...
    9 months, 2 weeks
  • Indianapolis
    Find our versatile collection of silver handmade earrings on the Shop the perfect pair of earrings according to your style. Buy Now: <a href="
    10 months, 3 weeks
    8 $

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